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Capturing The Imagination

The imagination is a powerful thing and one of the most important aspects of a child learning and growing in their own unique way. Whether it is through learning activities or play-time activities, children engage with their imagination to let it roam free to create craft, formations, rhythm and the exchange of ideas. As your Marsfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School educators embrace diversity and the richness of children’s imaginations; it’s in our name after all. Imagination aids children to perceive and ascertain things about their world around them and engaging in imaginative play is an effective way of dialling into the imagination. Expression of oneself verbally and physically is important for children and imagination allows them to engage with various roles in role-playing games and scenarios, often modelled on their reality around them. Role play activities permits a child to push boundaries in a safe and controlled manner if you help facilitate or monitor the role play by ensuring it is in a safe environment. Letting the imagination roam free is important but so is permitting this in a safe manner in a supportive environment like our Marsfield childcare centre. Encouraging imaginative play often involves the provision of props such as puppets, dolls house and dolls or arts and craft materials. Motivating children to engage in a creative manner with props or activities fosters the roaming of the imagination and even making up stories and providing story-telling opportunities helps the imagination flow. Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield aids children to engage in imaginative play, games and puzzles, problem-solving and cognitive development through various activities. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to the imagination so at our Marsfield childcare centre we allow children to activate their imagination and we encourage families to do the same at home. We feel that we are like an extension of the home so we endeavour to help all children grow and develop as unique individuals.

The Five Senses For Learning And Development

Engaging the five senses is an important attribute of learning and development within children and our Marsfield childcare centre provides opportunities for children to explore their senses. Sight allows children to visually perceive their surrounding environment, sound enhances auditory stimulation and perception, touch enables children to understand objects and formations and recognise these by feel, smell can incite a pleasurable experience with what the nose can sense and taste fosters engagement with different flavours of food. To drive visual perception and understanding of the sight sense, you can model positive expressions and our educators are highly-adept at this and this can motivate children. Utilising colour schemes and patterns or different colours for coding is another way to promote learning with sight. Similarly to positive expressions, using a positive tone of voice is important for children to hear and enhances their ability to comprehend when they have engaged in positive behaviour. It also fosters participation and enhances self-confidence and esteem. Music is a natural winner for auditory stimulation and there is a connection between music and cognitive abilities. Sensing temperature through touch is important for children such as recognising ice compared with heat packs and further development of the touch sense can be achieved through sensory toys and finger painting. Said to be the strongest sense, smell can either promote distaste or pleasure for something and having lavender, rosemary or peppermint smells within the classroom can be fruitful for the sense of smell. Lavender is known for its calmative properties, rosemary for reducing mental fatigue and peppermint drives energy levels. Providing children with various food items for morning tea and/or lunch is important for getting them acquainted with various taste/flavours and at home it is a good idea to make food together. Meanwhile at our Marsfield childcare centre, we foster enhancement of the five senses through positive sensations.

Stimulating Games For The Five Senses In Young Children

It is highly important to stimulate the five senses within young children very early on so that they may grow with understanding the world around them through their senses. For sight activities, matching games with pictures is an effective way to engage visual senses as well as exploring colours. A traffic light game is a good way to engage sight and comprehension of what green and red mean if you have a green card and a red card and have the children walk around in a circle watching to see when you hold up the red card for stop. “Simon Says” and musical chairs are two fabulous ways to engage the sense of sound as well as getting children to follow song and rhythm. Playing in sand and mixing dirt and water are two ways to stimulate the touch sense and playing with sensory toys and objects are great for children understanding what certain objects feel like. Activating the sense of smell can involve spraying certain scents in the air within the classroom, playing with scented bubbles and having jars with different scents such as candles is an effective way of engaging the sense of smell. With taste, children can often be rather fussy but if you engage them in a taste test of different ingredients such as lemon, honey and salt, children can identify the sour, sweet and salty taste of each respectively. Having food from other cultures can expand the tastebuds which is good for healthy eating of a variety of food. Our Marsfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School understands the importance of stimulating the five senses and engaging children in activities which aid development of each sense.

Quality State Approved Child Care Centre

As a state approved childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is licensed by the Australian’s Children Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and additionally, licensed by the New South Wales Department of Education. We deliver incredible quality care for your child and treat each child with respect and celebrate their uniqueness. Our educators are highly-qualified and trained to embrace learning and development with your child’s best interests at heart and we have a curriculum of activities which aids in your child’s development of skills and knowledge. We prepare children for further education in primary school and build a wonderful foundation block for your child to bounce off into school. Given that school is structured with a routine, we engage in structured activities and routine on a daily basis so that the children are prepared with scheduling of a day. This includes learning activities and play time which is important for developing effective interpersonal skills and socialising. It also builds rapport with other children and the educators and engages the children in mental stimulation. Cognitive skills are developed through conducive learning activities and games and puzzles which inspire critical thinking skills and creativity which is important for children as they grow. We teach basic literacy and numeracy so that they have skills for further education and to articulate themselves in the best way possible. As a quality state approved child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield goes above and beyond to assist your child in outstanding growth and development.

How To Prepare Your Child For School

You might wonder what happens after your child attends a state school approved child care centre such as Imaginations: are they prepared for school in literacy and numeracy? Do they have the understanding of routine and scheduling? Are they equipped with social skills to interact with peers and make friends? There are optimum ways to prepare your child for school. If your child is nearing the time for attending school, going to a school orientation session is a good idea as you can gain an idea of the school environment and their values and your child can see the school and liaise with staff. Arranging play dates with other children who will be attending the same primary school as your child is a conducive idea as it helps them sustain friendships and they will already have friends when they attend school. It also further builds upon socialising skills and interpersonal communication. Discussing with your child about school as a positive and rewarding experience is important to prepare your child for primary school. The educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield will engage your child in effective learning strategies which will help them and talk with them about what types of activities they may experience during primary school. As a state approved child care centre, we value each and every child’s experience of learning and socialising and prepare them for school in an optimum manner. Imaginations engages with parents to report on your child’s progress and will monitor the responses they have to discussion about school; it is wise for you as a parent or caregiver to do the same and alleviate anxiety about attending school. Some children may experience learning difficulties or challenging behaviour and is integral to manage these before attending primary school. Positive reinforcement for positive behaviour is important and explanation of why certain behaviours are not conducive is also integral. Learning difficulties can be managed by careful assessment of requirements and ability of the child to apply themselves to learning activities and educators will help them to reach their optimum potential.

Why Is It Important To Attend A State Approved Child Care Centre?

The reason behind attending a state approved child care centre is to help develop your child’s learning techniques, knowledge and skills growth and development of interpersonal communication and articulation of language. Teaching them to take care of things such as play items with care and attention is important as they need to learn how to manage taking care of things as they grow older. Educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield can also teach your child self-calming and self-regulating strategies especially for anxious children; validation is key and learning how to self-validate the child’s emotions is integral to development. Attending our state approved child care centre is crucial for your child’s growth and development and we are committed to enabling them to grow in their own unique way and at their own pace.

Imaginations Marsfield For Every Child

Best Imaginations Pre School

Imaginations Marsfield For Every Child

As a family-owned and operated business, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is the child care centre for your family and we embrace children of diverse backgrounds including culture and ethnicity. Our team welcomes contributions by parents and caregivers on ideas and feedback on our practices and we consistently update families on the progress of their child’s growth and learning development. We are family-friendly and foster a warm and inviting atmosphere encouraging positivity and safety for your child. We value play and brain development as integral to effective learning and growth and our educators deliver exceptional care and education for each and every child. Think of our centre as an extension of your home where we encourage positive communication and motivate children for socialization and developing solid interpersonal skills. We are part of the Marsfield community and love nothing more than happy, smiling children and our team is passionate about what we do.  


The Importance Of Play And Brain Development

Play time is essential for conducive growth and development such as interpersonal skills and communication with others. It contributes to cognitive, physical, social and emotional health and well-being of each and every child and when fostered in a warm and inviting environment can really achieve results. Striking a perfect balance between learning activities and play and brain development is highly-important to our team and we understand that play allows for the flow of communication and creativity within individuals and that every child is unique in their approaches to activities. Creative expression is integral to developing cognitive skills and different types of play involves different methods and inspires children in a variety of ways. There are different types of play such as unoccupied play, independent, onlooker play and cooperative play and each provides your child with unique ways to engage in play time activities. Collaborative approaches inspires team spirit and enhances articulation of oneself with creative and individualized expression which is important for play and brain development for your child. Research has suggested that as an estimate, children from newborn age through to late teenage years spend between three percent and twenty percent of the day engaged in play and increasingly, research is investigating the importance of play and brain development within children. Simply pretending to be an animal or to ‘play house’ or to play with items such as building blocks are all conducive for engaging cognition and enhancing creativity; this is highly-integral for the growth and learning development of children. 


The Benefits Of Play

Play and brain development within children occurs naturally as they engage in learning and play activities. It can stimulate the growth of the cerebral cortex and improve memory which is important for the future of your child. Improvements in memory aids your child in potential capacity for learning new skills and knowledge throughout their formal education years and beyond. If provided with adequate times to engage in play instead of education activities, children are more likely to be able to focus and concentrate on the educational tasks as they have down-time to explore and learn in a different way, through play. Physical play also has important cognitive benefits aside from mental and emotional well-being from play time. Language is also an essential aspect of play and symbolic and pretend play can aid the development of language skills; when children engage in ‘pretend play’, there can be improvement in linguistic skills for expressing oneself. Play and brain development is also aided by creative play which involves building blocks or puzzles to solve which promotes problem-solving skills and aids in developing analytical skills; problem-solving can involve both convergent (single solution) and divergent (multiple solutions) types of problems. Beyond problem-solving and cognitive development, play and brain development has a positive impact upon the overall health and well-being of your child including emotional regulation and self-regulation which are highly-important for your child’s future in regulating their behavior and emotions. Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield embraces play and learning activities to enhance brain development and health and well-being of your child for their bright future.   

Imagining the Possibilities at Marsfield


Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield delivers Eastwood childcare for your child with due care and attentiveness. ‘It is the little things that count’ underpins our values as well as celebrating individualism and fostering a conducive learning environment. Your child is as unique as you are with their own personality and learning style. Through socialising at a young age, we can foster team-player attitudes and social interactions that are conducive to children’s safety and confidence in social activities. Play time is integral to a child’s learning development and play experiences indoor and outdoor supports learning. Furthermore, your child is attending an educational environment at Eastwood childcare and we encourage and support the learning opportunities for your child. High quality education is paramount for us at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield and we want your child to enjoy learning as much as possible and our educators will ensure that all learning styles are catered for. Every child learns differently and at their own pace and it is therefore important to recognise each and every individual’s effort in the learning process.

Best Imaginations Pre School

Each And Everyone Is Family

A family-owned business, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield treats every child and family with respect and dignity and welcomes diversity of culture, ethnicity and language. Children need a space to learn how to communicate and a space where they feel they belong; pre-school education and Eastwood child care is broadening from the home environment, the community and assist in the transition to primary school. Our warm and inviting learning environment fosters a sense of positivity and safety and we encourage many opportunities for learning and playing. We cater for children aged between two and five years old and we are able to accommodate up to twenty-eight children to attend on any day. Licensed by the Australian’s Children Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the New South Wales Department of Education, we are a well-equipped team ready to take care of your child’s learning and socialising development to set them up for the future. We undergo continual assessment and monitoring and regular licensing inspections and uphold a standard of care and quality physical environment.


Why Choose Imaginations for Eastwood Childcare

Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is your choice for Eastwood childcare as we have a team of highly-dedicated staff members who are passionate about delivering quality education and care. Our team members collaborate effectively and are well-qualified and multi-skilled to enhance your child’s learning development. We are a family centre and value family ties and children equally, motivated to see every child succeed in the early stages of their lives and prepare them for ongoing education. We are also an approved centre thus parents can apply for Child Care Benefits (CCB) and Child Care Rebates (CCR) from the Department of Human Services/Family Assistance Office. Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield also acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of this land, the Wullemedegal people and their language. We encourage and foster a sense of belonging among our children and their families and connection to Country and shared Indigenous history and culture. We operate Monday to Friday for fifty weeks of the year, from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Classes run all day and children aged between two and five years are divided into three classes. Those children aged two to three years of age are placed in the Starlighters class, those aged between three and four in the Sunlighters class and finally our four to five-year-old children are placed in the Moonlighters class. Children of the latter class need to have turned four prior to the thirty-first of July of that year. Families can select how many days of attendance you would like your child to attend Eastwood childcare at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield. If you prefer your child to attend one day only, it would be a Wednesday or two days can be Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. We have other arrangements for three to five days as well which can be perused on our website or by contacting us. Imaginations Pre-School caters for Eastwood childcare with due care and attentiveness that is second-to-none and delivers quality education that any parent can be proud to say their child attends our centre.

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What To Consider For A Perfect Childcare Center

The decision of selecting the best childcare centre for your child has always been a significant concern for responsible parents. A parent is still at peace when he finds out that his child is at great care and of people he is sure the child safety is good. Many children tend to have injuries and accidents when they are in the childcare centers, and this is because of poor services offered in such childcare centers.

Parents should then make precautions to know what is suitable for their children. Lucky enough, childcare Eastwood is a center with credible facilities that you should consider. Below are some precautions that should be ensured by the parents for their children’s safety.

child care centre

Precautions to take for a childcare facility

Parents should take various precautions so that they ensure their children are in the safe hands while they are at their work. Parents must ensure that the childcare they want to take their children has a door policy. The parent should find out if the childcare center is licensed with the childcare licensing department to operate the childcare home. The parents must also confirm if the childcare certification is up to date to be secure with where their children will be staying.

Parents also need to ensure that the staff of the childcare centers has been trained on the bloodborne pathogens. The team must provide their hygiene is of the highest order so they cannot contaminate some diseases from infected children to others. It is essential for health since diseases like hepatitis B and AIDS may be transferred if proper care is not followed. The trash cans must be available everywhere, locked every time, and be taken out all evenings so that the dirt doesn’t contaminate to bring infections of any kind.

The parents must ensure too that they see the license and the recent inspection dates. Parents should look at the history of the childcare center to correctly know how many children have been taken care of at that place, and what the reputation is. The staff must be thoroughly checked by the investigative agency and the police. The police must submit the results on the check to the parents so that they are sure whatever is going on with their children.  Parents must ask if the available staff is well trained concerning child neglect and abuse as reporting any suspected child abuse. Due to the rapid increase in kidnapping and domestic violence by some caregivers and non-custodial parents, parents must request for the doors to be locked and only opened during specific hours. The parents must also specify the persons allowed to pick their children up and the childcare center must follow that list so as not to give away children to strangers. With childcare Eastwood, everything is catered for, and the parents’ requests for their children are the top priority.

Considerations of the right childcare centre

Parents must put into account if they are leaving their children in the hands of qualified personnel who will take great care of them. It is always normal for caring parents to ensure their children’s safety and they have rights to consider if the staff can take great care of their children. Parents must provide the team to have the qualifications that the parents want for their children. Parents must also ensure that the number of children in the childcare center and the number of staff relates to that, the staff available are many enough to take care of the well-being of their children.    Parents must also consider childcare centers where their children are always looked upon in that; they are not left alone even in playgrounds. Such childcare center experiences less of incidents like fighting and even accidents that might occur. Childcare Eastwood is the best place to take your children since there is enough staff that will take good care of your children and ensures they are well protected every time.

Parents must consider taking their children to places that have specialists in administering and storing medications for their children. The sick children should have experts to take care of them and to ensure they store the medicines in the best-prescribed conditions and where the children cannot reach them. The experts also must have a form of course submitted by the parents to follow the times their children need to be medicated for their well-being. Fortunately, childcare Eastwood is the best place since it has all these considerations in the area and also the experts who are there to administer the sick children and take great care of them too.

Conclusion on Childcare centres

Not all childcare centres meet the requirements of many parents, but the truth is told, there is one excellent childcare centre with all the condition of every parent, and if you want to take your children in the best place ever, then you must consider taking them to childcare Eastwood. It is a great place and dream to many parents for their children future.

Choosing the best child care for your child


When it comes to child care, you can never do too much research! It is absolutely terrifying to leave your child in the hands of virtually a complete stranger. It could always be worse though, right? At least these days we have the internet. Before the internet, people had to rely on word of mouth and visiting the actual child care centre in order to choose the facility they wanted to use. Visiting the centre is still strongly advised, but when you have the additional resources the internet provides, you can save a lot of time driving around. Sometimes people did not even have a choice since there was only one daycare in their route travelled to work every day. Even though it requires a lot of work doing research, it is worth every bit of energy spent to ensure your children are safe and happy in their environment when you are at work. When you are interviewing potential child care facilities, you should have a checklist of what is most important to you (and your child if they are old enough to express their concerns). You should put your biggest concern on the very top of that list, then other things below it that are also very important to you. Some parents think various things are the most important. There really is no right or wrong answer. It just depends on your parenting style and how you raise your kids. Some things to put on this list would be safety, overall cleanliness of the facility, ratio of supervisors to kids, diet/meal plan, curriculum, location, and activities. You may not get everything you want out of a child care facility, but as long as you get your most important concerns taken care of, everything will be just fine.

Finding the best daycare service is very important for parents who look forward to a quality and nurturing environment for their children while they are away. There are already several options for childcare and you have to weigh your options well to ensure that your decisions will bring the best benefits to your children This article discusses some of the most common options that people consider when to support the varying needs of a child.

child care eastwood

Family Child Care Family child care is another option that is popular among parents. In this type of setup, the child is the one who is brought to the house of the provider and in most cases, he/she will be in the company of other children who are also under the care of the provider. The known advantage of this childcare option is the chance for a child to be in the same environment with other children. This can improve one’s social skills and offers preparation before a kid goes to school.

Daycare Center This type of childcare centre emerged as one of the most popular choices for people in the modern age. Daycare centres are preferred by parents because of the safe and nurturing environment that it offers. Daycare centres are usually run and managed by professionals who are trained in child care to be able to handle the needs of children even during emergency situations. Children are also able to interact with other children while doing age-appropriate activities to enhance their skills and be ready for the big school.

Many parents struggle with sending their children off to a daycare, especially if one of the parents chose to stay at home with the kids when they were first born. Of course, this difficult decision gets easier the more kids you have! Child care is a growing and booming industry in the United States so there will always be a ton of information on the subject. Utilize your resources by researching online before making any decisions. Also, make sure you consult your other half, too! Some mothers get into the mindset that they should take care of this aspect of their child’s life, but it never hurts to have another opinion Parents should know the best child care Eastwood option that they can use for their child. Leaving your son or daughter in the custody of other people is a serious business. Consider the option that can offer the best benefits for your kids to make every moment spent with a provider truly worthy

How to find exceptional child care in Eastwood

How to find exceptional child care in Eastwood

When it comes to child care, all parents want the best of the best. They want to find a safe place when their young ones can develop and grow and where they begin to evolve as little social beings. Because of this, it is important that parents find somewhere that offers a positive platform for their kids to learn where they can build positive foundations that will help prepare them for their future. As this is so important, it is vital that parents find exceptional child care in Eastwood. While, of course, all mums and dads out there will want to find this, they may be unsure of where to start and what sorts of things to look for. When it comes to learning and development, teachers are usually the trained experts and so parents may not know what makes up an exceptional child care in Eastwood. While this is subjective, there are a few qualities that people need to look out when finding a centre where their children are going to spend a great deal of time. For example, the centre should be a place where all children from all different backgrounds should feel safe and accepted. In addition to this, those with different skills and attributes should be celebrated, not just those who are good at sports. Furthermore, children need to know what is expected of them and so will be taught how to take their learning seriously as well as how to interact correctly with others. As all of these attributes are so important, this article will explore how to find exceptional child care in Eastwood.

child care in Eastwood

Find somewhere with dedicated areas

It is not uncommon to find different centres out there that simply lump all of their students into one big room. While there is nothing wrong with different age groups learning together and mingling, it is also important that children at different levels receive different teachings. This is because they will be at different stages of their development and will need to focus on different areas. For instance, a five-year-old that is heading into primary school will need to focus on different skills than a two-year-old. They will need to be focusing on not only their literacy and numeracy skills but will also need to be working on their confidence. A toddler on the other hand will be newly adjusting to learning away from home and so will need to be nurtured and will need to be made to feel safe. As there is such a contrast in needs, it is important for parents to find a child care in Eastwood that offers dedicated areas or rooms for children of different age groups who have different needs. Here at Imaginations Marsfield, we have three different rooms that are specifically designed for separate age groups. Our starlighter room is designed for two to three-year-olds, our sunlighter room is designed for three to four-year-olds, and our moonlighter room is also designed for three to four-year-olds. This means that parents can have peace of mind knowing that their young one is getting exactly what they need when it comes to learning and development and that they won’t be a fish out of water when it comes time to enrolling in primary school.

Find a unique and respectful child care in Eastwood

For parents out there who are looking for exceptional child care in Eastwood, it is important that they find somewhere that is unique and respectful. This means that that the centre will have put in a great deal of time and energy into researching the best practices and to ensuring that everyone feels welcome. Here at Imaginations in Marsfield, we actively practice inclusion which means that we understand that each child, each family, and each educator is completely unique. We celebrate and honour different cultures, languages, skill levels, and different values. We accept all different histories and abilities and we ensure that we acknowledge the original custodians of this beautiful land and country. This philosophy means that we take rights and responsibilities very seriously. All children and teachers have the right to participate, be heard, practice their own culture, and to understand their own rights. In addition to all of this, it is important that parents find a child care in Eastwood where the education is all about partnership. Where parents can collaborate and participate and children can feel like their centre is an extension of their home. All of these qualities is what makes up an exceptional child care in Eastwood. Contact us today!

child care in Eastwood

Childcare in Eastwood – Helping children adjust

How to make a smooth transition from home care to pre-school

For many parents out there, they will be in the process of making the transition from home care to childcare in Eastwood. There can be many reasons for this, but mostly because parents want to ensure that their young ones are fully prepared to attend primary when the time comes. Furthermore, parents will usually understand that childcare in Eastwood can be important for development and can also teach a young one to socialise and share. It can help them become more confident in themselves, and it can give them an idea of what things are going to like when working under a teacher’s instructions. On top of all of this, their learning style can be identified which can then be improved upon and developed further. All in all, childcare in Eastwood can not only be vital for learning but can also be really good fun for children and carers alike. For all of these reasons and more, there will come a time where parents will need to look into childcare in Eastwood. While leaving a young one in the hands of another adult is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a difficult time for a lot of parents out there. Some kids can become quite distraught when they first attend care and this can make mums and dads feel like they are doing the wrong thing or can make them feel extremely guilty. Thankfully, parents are not alone in this and there is plenty of support out there. What’s more is that there are easy and simple steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth transition from home care to pre-school. As childcare in Eastwood can be so beneficial, here are some of those tips to hopefully make the lives of parents a little easier.

Take your kid to the pre-school before their first day

It is always encouraged to take a young one to the centre before their first day. This way they can become acclimatised to the new environment while still feeling safe with their guardian by their side. Furthermore, they can meet some of the other kids and they can also get to know their new carers. Most places will reiterate that they are not looking to completely take over from the parent as they understand that parents are the primary teachers and influencers on any child’s life. This means that working together is the most important thing and this will also make a young one feel much more comfortable on their first day. It can also be handy for parents to discuss with the centre what their curriculum is like. This means that they can work with their child at home to get ready for the sorts of activities that they may be participating in e.g. throwing a ball back and forth, reading a book out loud, colouring in, or working on a puzzle. It can further be wise to encourage independence at home leading up to their first day. For example, allowing them to dress themselves, choose what lunches they would like to have, feeding themselves and taking themselves to the toilet. While, of course, carers are always there to help a young one with these things if they need help, practicing independence can often make the transition a little smoother.

Keep things light and positive

More often than not, it is actually the parents that feel more distressed about taking their kid to childcare in Eastwood than the child does. Kids will always notice this distress and this is when they can start to worry themselves. This means that it is always important to keep things light and positive when talking about their first day. Some parents will even have a celebratory breakfast to make their first day extra special. What’s more, it is important to always keep a farewell short and sweet. All mums or dads need to do is give their young one a quick kiss and a cuddle and then be on their way. When parents linger and keep giving them more hugs or popping their head back in the window, this is often what will cause a child to become upset. More often than not, kids are completely fine as soon as their parents are out of sight. All in all, there are so many different benefits to childcare in Eastwood so it is important to look into things that will ensure that kids find the transition a little easier.



Marsfield Childcare – Why you should send your child to Imaginations pre-school


Marsfield Childcare – Why you should send your child to Imaginations pre-school

We all want the absolute best when it comes to our children, and this is especially the case when it comes childcare and early learning. Marsfield childcare centres options are plentiful, but it is important to ensure that the best one is found in order for your child to have the best chance of growing and developing. Here at Imaginations, we believe we have one of the best Marsfield childcare centres and this is for a number of reasons. First of all, we are extremely committed to providing the best of care and early childhood development. This drive means that every aspect of the services that we offer are well thought about and all of our team members are extremely passionate. This can make the world of difference when it comes to care as we will focus on your child individually to ensure that they have fun with learning and feel like our centre is an extension of their home. Furthermore, we understand that education is at the forefront of change, so we strive to participate in and contribute to leadership in early childhood education practices, as well as research. Making a difference when it comes to Marsfield childcare is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to reflect this in the outstanding amenities that we offer.

We are committed to innovation

IMG_7526_editedOne of the best reasons to send your child to our centre here at Imaginations is because we are committed to innovation. We reflect this innovation in all areas including in our philosophies, the curriculum that we provide, as well as our state-of-the-art centre. We place a strong emphasis on diversity in our centre which children are able to take out into the real world with them. This means that children will learn about different cultures, Aboriginal history, and inclusion. When it comes to our curriculum we aim to provide an individualised experience which will nurture each child’s individual talents. This is achieved by providing a mixture of play-based activities and intentional teaching which is based upon a child’s interests. This way they are able to develop their skills in areas that they enjoy, and they are able to gain confidence in themselves. On top of all of this, our centre is carefully thought out with many different interactive areas.  We have designated zones where children can participate in different activities, different rooms created for different age groups, and a fantastic outdoor area where children can receive important sunshine. We aim to push the envelope when it comes to Marsfield childcare, and we believe we are achieving this by carefully curating each and every aspect of the services that we provide.

We are fully licenced, and state approved

In addition to providing a warm and nurturing environment where parents will feel safe leaving their children, we are also fully licensed, and state approved. This means that we are a recognised child care facility and parents will be able to claim government rebates when they send their children to us. This is extremely important for many families as childcare can be a struggle for many and will often cost the same amount as a parent’s wage for that day. Parents can also feel safe knowing that all of our team members are qualified, are trained in first-aid, have a valid and up-to-date working with children’s check, as well as a national police check. We take regulations very seriously here at Imaginations and so we are sure to never cut any corners when it comes to the services that we provide. On top of all of this, we also offer flexible hours ranging from 7am – 6.30pm and we are able to provide care for children ranging from 0-6 years old. We are also open for 52 weeks of the year and are able to take care of up to 76 children at a time.

Why you should send your child to us

In IMG_7549_editedaddition to all of the above reasons mentioned, we really do believe that we offer some of the best care in town. We want to work in partnership with parents to provide excellent care for their children, and we honour each parent as a child’s first teacher. We aim to collaborate rather than take over, and so we encourage parents and families to contribute and participate in our curriculum, programs, and events. All in all, we understand the importance of early learning and so are here to offer the best services that we possibly can.








Childcare in Eastwood

Childcare in Eastwood – What to expect from the best

When it comes to childcare in Eastwood, it is important to only expect the best. But what exactly does “the best” mean? What makes one early learning centre stand-out from the rest? Many parents find themselves asking such questions and for understandable reasons. For many, leaving their children in the hands of someone else is quite an uneasy task. As well as finding professionals that they can trust with their kids, they also want to ensure that their children are getting the best education they possibly can. This means that they will learn necessary academic skills such as reading, writing, and spelling and that they will also learn important social skills such as listening, sharing, and playing well with others. On top of all of this, parents want to find a place where their children will be focused on as individuals and not just sent off to play all the time. All of these things and more are the kind of qualities to look for when trying to find the best childcare in Eastwood. Some further things to expect from great childcare is spending adequate amounts of time outdoors, making learning fun and interactive, as well as accepting all different cultures and religions. To make the hunt a little easier for parents, here is a closer look at what to expect from the best childcare in Eastwood.

You can expect an individualised and interactive experience

When many parents think about early learning, they expect that the same generic thing is taught to every student. This is not the case at the best places, like ourselves here at Imaginations Pre-school in Marsfield. We have an understanding that all children are individual and so an individualised curriculum is the best thing to support and encourage learning. We further implement this by having designated rooms for different age groups and levels. For example, a child getting ready to enter primary school would not need to be learning the same things as say a toddler would. While our teachings revolve around the children, we do offer some of the same concepts across the board. And that is to be interactive with our teachings. We find that kids learn more when they are able to have fun and to apply what they are learning to real life experiences. We want children to feel safe by providing a home-feeling environment where our students can gain independence and confidence through our daily activities. Our individualised and interactive experiences are what make our childcare service so boutique and are what make us stand out from the rest.

You can expect a state-of-the-art centre

Another thing that can be expected from the best childcare facilities in Eastwood is a state-of-the-art centre. Many people think that simply filling a centre with tons of toys is enough to keep children occupied, but we here at Imaginations know that this isn’t always the case. Everything that we include in our centre is designed specifically for our children so that they can play, learn, and grow. Furthermore, we have designated areas which allow kids to easily transition from task to task. For example, we have a nook where they can go to read, a table area where they can colour in and draw, as well as an arts and crafts area. We have spaces where children can sit and play with our great quality toys, as well as an outdoor area with a sandpit and shaded space to play in. With our tree-lined fences, they will never feel like they are missing out on nature time and can truly have the room to act and play like children. In addition to offering state-of-the-art care we are also open from 8am – 6pm from Monday to Friday, and we are open 50 weeks of the year. This means that parents can truly feel safe knowing that they will always have somewhere exceptional to send their children.

As it can be seen, there are many qualities that make childcare in Eastwood stand out from the rest. An individualised and interactive experience is imperative for a child’s growth, as is a state-of-the-art facility. Combining a great curriculum and fantastic equipment with our wonderful staff is what encourages parents to re-enrol their children each year. While the transition from homecare to early learning care is never easy, the choice of where to send children can become easier by simply looking at what a centre has to offer. Chat with one of our friendly team members to find out how to enrol your child today.