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child care centres near me

Finding great child care centres near me

When looking for the perfect place to send children, it is important to find somewhere that suits the child and the parents equally. Somewhere that can encourage learning, interactive playing, and can teach important social skills. A place where parents feel safe to leave their kids because they know that they are in good hands. The early stage of life can be the most important as that is where the most development occurs. This means that this development needs to be nurtured as much as possible. Furthermore, a place needs to be found that is close to home and that can fit into parent’s budgets. For all of these reasons and more, many parents out there find themselves asking “where can I find great child care centres near me?” For those who live in the Marsfield, NSW area or the Fairfield, NSW area, they are able to feel safe knowing that we here at Imaginations Pre-School offer a unique approach to child care that is sure to impress children and parents alike. Our respectful and holistic philosophies are what make us stand out from other places and we take pride in our boutique services. Without further ado, here is a further look at our outlook and the kind of approach that we take to child care.

What makes child care centres near me great and not just good?

Here at Imaginations Pre-School, we offer a service that is great and not just good. We achieve this by implementing our values and philosophies into our care programs. For example, we believe it is important to respect the original custodians of this land and encourage our students to learn more about the Wullemedegal people, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.  Furthermore, we practice inclusion and place emphasis and acknowledgement of different cultures, languages, and ways of living life. In addition to this, we understand that learning occurs in more realistic experiences and so we incorporate learning with real-time play and activities. This will commonly occur outdoors, so children can get to know and enjoy mother nature. For all of these reasons and more, we believe that our approach is great and not just good and that we are adequately helping children grow and prepare for their life as they get older.

What types of things can I expect from the curriculum?

One of the best things about our curriculum is that we work side by side with parents as a collaborative team. We understand that parents are the first teachers and so we want to aid parents, not take over from their role. With three different rooms that focus on different experiences, we have something that will benefit every child. Our first room is the starlighter room that focuses on confidence and building independence. Our second room is the sunlighter room that focusing on exploring and developing learning experiences. Our third room is the moonlighter room which is designed to focus on getting a child ready to head to school. Chatting with one of our friendly team members is the perfect way to establish which room and curriculum is best for each individual child. Whichever room is chosen upon, parents can feel safe knowing that their child’s needs will be met and that their strengths and interests will be identified, and their weaknesses will be improved upon. One of the best parts about the curriculum is that the kids thoroughly enjoy learning which makes the world of difference in their mood and happiness levels.

At the end of the day, parents and children need to decide for themselves if our boutique services are for them. We encourage parents to book a time to visit our centre, so they can get a first-hand idea of what they can expect. We take great pride in our values and philosophies but do also understand that they are not for everyone. For those who want their children to get an interactive learning experience like no other, then Imaginations Preschool is that place for them. As early childhood development between the ages of two and five years old is so crucial, we strive to ensure that the best care is provided possible. We want children to feel prepared instead of scared and overwhelmed when they enter the schooling system, and we know that our unique curriculum and caring team members are able to help with this. For an experience that will see your child or children shine bright, thrive, and have an increase of confidence, look no further than Imaginations Preschool.