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Imaginations Marsfield For Every Child

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Imaginations Marsfield For Every Child

As a family-owned and operated business, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is the child care centre for your family and we embrace children of diverse backgrounds including culture and ethnicity. Our team welcomes contributions by parents and caregivers on ideas and feedback on our practices and we consistently update families on the progress of their child’s growth and learning development. We are family-friendly and foster a warm and inviting atmosphere encouraging positivity and safety for your child. We value play and brain development as integral to effective learning and growth and our educators deliver exceptional care and education for each and every child. Think of our centre as an extension of your home where we encourage positive communication and motivate children for socialization and developing solid interpersonal skills. We are part of the Marsfield community and love nothing more than happy, smiling children and our team is passionate about what we do.  


The Importance Of Play And Brain Development

Play time is essential for conducive growth and development such as interpersonal skills and communication with others. It contributes to cognitive, physical, social and emotional health and well-being of each and every child and when fostered in a warm and inviting environment can really achieve results. Striking a perfect balance between learning activities and play and brain development is highly-important to our team and we understand that play allows for the flow of communication and creativity within individuals and that every child is unique in their approaches to activities. Creative expression is integral to developing cognitive skills and different types of play involves different methods and inspires children in a variety of ways. There are different types of play such as unoccupied play, independent, onlooker play and cooperative play and each provides your child with unique ways to engage in play time activities. Collaborative approaches inspires team spirit and enhances articulation of oneself with creative and individualized expression which is important for play and brain development for your child. Research has suggested that as an estimate, children from newborn age through to late teenage years spend between three percent and twenty percent of the day engaged in play and increasingly, research is investigating the importance of play and brain development within children. Simply pretending to be an animal or to ‘play house’ or to play with items such as building blocks are all conducive for engaging cognition and enhancing creativity; this is highly-integral for the growth and learning development of children. 


The Benefits Of Play

Play and brain development within children occurs naturally as they engage in learning and play activities. It can stimulate the growth of the cerebral cortex and improve memory which is important for the future of your child. Improvements in memory aids your child in potential capacity for learning new skills and knowledge throughout their formal education years and beyond. If provided with adequate times to engage in play instead of education activities, children are more likely to be able to focus and concentrate on the educational tasks as they have down-time to explore and learn in a different way, through play. Physical play also has important cognitive benefits aside from mental and emotional well-being from play time. Language is also an essential aspect of play and symbolic and pretend play can aid the development of language skills; when children engage in ‘pretend play’, there can be improvement in linguistic skills for expressing oneself. Play and brain development is also aided by creative play which involves building blocks or puzzles to solve which promotes problem-solving skills and aids in developing analytical skills; problem-solving can involve both convergent (single solution) and divergent (multiple solutions) types of problems. Beyond problem-solving and cognitive development, play and brain development has a positive impact upon the overall health and well-being of your child including emotional regulation and self-regulation which are highly-important for your child’s future in regulating their behavior and emotions. Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield embraces play and learning activities to enhance brain development and health and well-being of your child for their bright future.