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Quality State Approved Child Care Centre

As a state approved childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is licensed by the Australian’s Children Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and additionally, licensed by the New South Wales Department of Education. We deliver incredible quality care for your child and treat each child with respect and celebrate their uniqueness. Our educators are highly-qualified and trained to embrace learning and development with your child’s best interests at heart and we have a curriculum of activities which aids in your child’s development of skills and knowledge. We prepare children for further education in primary school and build a wonderful foundation block for your child to bounce off into school. Given that school is structured with a routine, we engage in structured activities and routine on a daily basis so that the children are prepared with scheduling of a day. This includes learning activities and play time which is important for developing effective interpersonal skills and socialising. It also builds rapport with other children and the educators and engages the children in mental stimulation. Cognitive skills are developed through conducive learning activities and games and puzzles which inspire critical thinking skills and creativity which is important for children as they grow. We teach basic literacy and numeracy so that they have skills for further education and to articulate themselves in the best way possible. As a quality state approved child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield goes above and beyond to assist your child in outstanding growth and development.

How To Prepare Your Child For School

You might wonder what happens after your child attends a state school approved child care centre such as Imaginations: are they prepared for school in literacy and numeracy? Do they have the understanding of routine and scheduling? Are they equipped with social skills to interact with peers and make friends? There are optimum ways to prepare your child for school. If your child is nearing the time for attending school, going to a school orientation session is a good idea as you can gain an idea of the school environment and their values and your child can see the school and liaise with staff. Arranging play dates with other children who will be attending the same primary school as your child is a conducive idea as it helps them sustain friendships and they will already have friends when they attend school. It also further builds upon socialising skills and interpersonal communication. Discussing with your child about school as a positive and rewarding experience is important to prepare your child for primary school. The educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield will engage your child in effective learning strategies which will help them and talk with them about what types of activities they may experience during primary school. As a state approved child care centre, we value each and every child’s experience of learning and socialising and prepare them for school in an optimum manner. Imaginations engages with parents to report on your child’s progress and will monitor the responses they have to discussion about school; it is wise for you as a parent or caregiver to do the same and alleviate anxiety about attending school. Some children may experience learning difficulties or challenging behaviour and is integral to manage these before attending primary school. Positive reinforcement for positive behaviour is important and explanation of why certain behaviours are not conducive is also integral. Learning difficulties can be managed by careful assessment of requirements and ability of the child to apply themselves to learning activities and educators will help them to reach their optimum potential.

Why Is It Important To Attend A State Approved Child Care Centre?

The reason behind attending a state approved child care centre is to help develop your child’s learning techniques, knowledge and skills growth and development of interpersonal communication and articulation of language. Teaching them to take care of things such as play items with care and attention is important as they need to learn how to manage taking care of things as they grow older. Educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield can also teach your child self-calming and self-regulating strategies especially for anxious children; validation is key and learning how to self-validate the child’s emotions is integral to development. Attending our state approved child care centre is crucial for your child’s growth and development and we are committed to enabling them to grow in their own unique way and at their own pace.