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The Benefits of Play-Based Learning for Preschoolers at Child Care Eastwood and Childcare Marsfield

Play-based learning is an essential part of early childhood education. At Child Care Eastwood and Childcare Marsfield, we recognize the value of play-based learning and incorporate it into our curriculum. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of play-based learning for preschoolers and how it helps them to develop and grow.

  1. Supports Cognitive Development: Play-based learning encourages children to think creatively, problem-solve, and experiment. It supports their cognitive development and helps them to develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Fosters Social and Emotional Development: Play-based learning also supports children’s social and emotional development. Through play, children learn to communicate, cooperate, and negotiate with their peers. It helps them to develop empathy, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  3. Enhances Language and Literacy Skills: Play-based learning provides a natural context for children to develop language and literacy skills. As they play, children use and practice new vocabulary, experiment with different ways of communicating, and engage in storytelling.
  4. Encourages Physical Development: Play-based learning also supports children’s physical development. It provides opportunities for children to develop fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.
  5. Promotes a Love of Learning: Play-based learning is engaging and enjoyable for children. It encourages children to be curious, ask questions, and explore the world around them. It promotes a love of learning that can last a lifetime.

At Child Care Eastwood and Childcare Marsfield, we understand the importance of play-based learning for preschoolers. By providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn and play, we promote their cognitive, social and emotional, language and literacy, physical, and overall development. Contact us today to learn more about our play-based learning approach and how we can support your child’s growth and development.

Tips on How to Interview a Eastwood Childcare Teacher

Every year we welcome many excited parents and their children who have enrolled in our Eastwood Early Childhood Center. Our Preschool has continued to lead a trailblazing path because we use excellent educational approaches for early learners.

For many parents, sending their children to preschool is a first-time experience. This is why we encourage interaction with the teachers. To help you have insightful interviews with our preschool teachers, we have written a couple of tips in this post.

Talking with the teachers gives parents confidence about the preschool educational experience we offer. Staff at our Eastwood childcare centre are professional and open to having that discussion with you.
Here are our top tips for having an interview with one of us at the preschool;

Ask about Certification

First, you want to be sure that, at our Eastwood childcare centre, your child is taught by certified professionals. Find out the certifications obtained by teachers who will be in charge of your child at the preschool.

The admin team at Eastwood ensures all teachers have the appropriate certifications before employment. So, we are confident you will be happy with what you discover.

Ask about the Eastwood Childcare Experience

You should also be curious to know if the kids at our Eastwood early childhood centre have a good time. The teachers will have evidence, based on performance assessments and professional observations, to describe the overall Eastwood preschool experience to you.

Discuss any Concerns Related to your Child in Particular

During this discussion, you should highlight anything that makes you worried about sending your child to preschool. We can assure you all our students receive the best of care under our watch.
Special conditions are noted, and the correct measures are implemented to help your child enjoy the learning experience at our Eastwood Early Childhood Centre.

Find out the Standard Student Population Per Class

No parent wants their child to be in an overcrowded class. We are sure you will be happy with our standard student population in the class we place your child in.

Talk about Assessment Methods

You should also know about the methods used to assess and monitor learning progress for the students. We use a range of professional assessment methods proven to work excellently.
Students who need extra educational support are identified and patiently assisted in ensuring no one is left behind. All students meet the learning milestones set by the school.

Inquire about Potty Training Assistance

We encourage parents to attempt potty training from home, and we do the best we can. The teacher will explain the efforts implemented to help students use the toilets independently.

Health and Safety Standards at the Preschool

We are happy to inform all parents that our Eastwood Early Childhood Centre has the best health and safety standards. We ensure that our students and teachers have the best environment to learn and work, respectively.

We are always happy to provide more answers for you. Contact us today; let’s talk about all Imaginations Eastwood has to offer your child.

What To Look For In A Eastwood Childcare Centre

When looking for a Eastwood Childcare Centre, it’s important to know what to look for. Enrolling your children into childcare is the first step towards their future independence.

That’s why the Eastwood Childcare Centre needs these three things. A focus on development, skilled educators and a family-first attitude.

Keep reading to find out more about why these are important and what they look like.

A focus on learning and development

By keeping a focus on development, childcare becomes an investment instead of an expense. Our approach to learning is focused on three strategies. Creating a fun environment, focusing on developing creativity and having a varied approach.

As a parent, you know that children tend to have a short attention span. This is why they need to be captivated by their learning. By having a curriculum based on play, your children soak up more knowledge. Learning becomes fun and isn’t seen as a chore.

But, play alone doesn’t teach children all the necessary skills. So, at Imaginations Eastwood Childcare, we have a focus on imagination and creativity. By expanding these parts of your child’s mind, they begin to think for themselves.

Finally, we ensure the children develop a wide range of skills. We do this through a varied learning approach. Activities can involve puzzles, building blocks and engaging with other children. By doing this, we keep your child engaged and learning important life skills.

Eastwood Childcare Centres need skilled educators

When your children are developing, they soak up all the information from their environment. Due to this, you need skilled educators who can tailor their teaching strategies. As well as make sure your children are safe. And are of course, passionate about their work.

By incorporating a wide range of strategies, your children receive an individual education. As you know, not all children develop at the same rate. It’s our job, as Eastwood Childcare educators, to give all children an opportunity to learn. No matter what their skill level.

Now, at our Eastwood Early Childhood Centre, your children’s safety is our priority. We know how scary it can be leaving your little ones in someone else’s care. As professional educators, we are skilled in creating safe environments for your children. So, you can rest assured that they will be happy, healthy and full of knowledge.

Finally, skilled educators are passionate about their work. Think about all your favourite parts of life. Maybe it’s your work, hobby or something else. By using that energy, our educators give your children all the love and attention they need.

Family-first Eastwood Childcare Centre

At Imaginations Childcare Eastwood, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned centre. That’s why, we value individual connections, your children’s needs and welcome diversity.

By forging connections with both parents and children, we create a positive environment. As a parent, all your questions and concerns are answered. So, you’re never left in the dark. And for your children, they learn how to build strong connections. An important skill for the future.

As a family-focused Eastwood Childcare Centre, we put the needs of your children before money. We prefer to keep our educators happy and full of energy. Instead of giving them too many kids to handle. So in turn, your children benefit from their full attention.

Finally, we value diversity and actively promote it. There are many different cultures and languages in the world today. And, as educators, we respect and even incorporate it into our teaching. We ensure that all children and parents feel welcome in our Eastwood Childcare family.

So, next time you’re looking for a Eastwood Childcare Centre, remember the 3 tips above. Find a centre that focuses on learning, has skilled educators and puts your family first.

If you have any questions about Eastwood Childcare options, give us a call on 07 9877 0562. Or, if you prefer email, it’s info@imaginationspreschool.com.au.

Our Values

At Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield we are dedicated to providing your child or children the best possible childcare Marsfield-based service and we seize absolutely every opportunity to exceed all our parents’ expectations. At our childcare Marsfield-based facility you will only come across qualified personal so you can have full comfort knowing your child is in great hands. Our team of highly skilled educators and staff display full passion towards your child’s happiness and education and we stay committed to filling your child’s day with various stimuli for learning and development. At the forefront of what we do is embracing diversity and inclusivity which exerts our real culture of love for life and you will find this travels across the centre which promotes your child’s imagination towards power and freedom. Despite the heavy focus on education, our activities have been carefully crafted on the philosophy that children learn best through play. By expanding the mind through imagination and creativity we observe first-hand children becoming captivated in what their activities. Whether it is solving puzzles, building with blocks, engaging in music and melodies or interacting with other children we’ve found these can all instil your child with various skills that not only help them develop as a person but also receive a sense of enjoyment in carrying out the activity. As a valued resource in the community, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield childcare centre assists with the growth in your child and allows them to develop to their highest potential in a happy and safe space. With safety, well-being and welfare being at the forefront, you can have full comfort knowing that your child will enjoy their experience to the fullest at our childcare Marsfield-based.

Quality Learning and Development

Any parent will have a deep appreciation and understanding about the needs of their children. If you happen to be in the space for a childcare service then you don’t need to look any further than Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield. It should be no surprise of secret that each childcare will provide its own unique approach and spin on the settings your child will be exposed during their attendance, however it is ultimately you, as the parent to decide which childcare will best harness your child growth and potential to get them to become kindergarten ready when the time comes. If you have just began you’re search for the best childcare Marsfield-based then there are some important considerations to make before enrolling your child. One of these is how active or passive you require the childcare centre to be. This might mean the childcare will set a benchmarks for children at a particular age and the children within that age bracket must be able to carry out some type of academic activity to a certain standard, whether it is reading or writing. Our Marsfield childcare centre aims to give your child a great start to learning journey with a range of learning strategies and educational philosophies ingrained in our day to day operations and core values.

Being Family-friendly

As a family owned business, our childcare Marsfield-based enjoy all the benefits associated with this, in that we are able to form great connections with the parents who have enrolled their child into our childcare centre. Every person that comes through our doors, child and parents alike, we enjoy seeing everyone having a sense of belonging to our childcare centre. Boasting values of respect and dignity, while welcoming diversity of culture, ethnicity and language, we want to ensure that our Marsfield childcare centre is a place that children are able to thrive and learn in the best environment possible. To ensure all operations across the childcare are carried out to an at minimum, national standards, we are licensed with the Australian’s Children Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the New South Wales Department of Education, where we not only uphold the respective standards but rather strive for best practice and go beyond what is required. If you’re searching for an ideal childcare Marsfield-based that welcomes families from all walks of life and cultures with open arms and focuses strongly on your children’s educations and safety, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield should be you first choice when looking to enrol your child into our childcare Marsfield-based.

Imaginations Running Wild

Come back to the real world”, that is something we hear all of the time as adults and there is nothing that takes the wind out of their sails more than hearing a phrase like that. If as adults, people who have experienced the real world for decades, feel that way, imagine what happens to little ones when we do not let them fully experience the joys of using their imaginations. As they are just learning about the world around them, they have yet to experience some of the limitations that we put on ourselves- so the world is a new and exciting place! Exploring the world around them, figuring out how things work and emulating scenarios they may see around them are fantastic ways for your little one to learn about the world. Imagination can be facilitated too, so having a range of different toys and activities set up to let children explore is a great way to help your little one’s imagination run wild. Telling stories, role play, costumes, painting outside the lines, craft activities where they can create what they want, give them the freedom to decide on what they want to create in a safe environment. That is one of the expectations you can have at Imaginations child care in Marsfield. Imagination is not just for home, we believe imagination is a huge part of life, especially for our little ones and that is why we offer childcare in Marsfield in an environment that fully supports letting little ones use their imagination, in a safe and facilitated environment.

The Purpose of Imagination Over Reality

Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.”
That is a premise that adequately describes how imagination can help prepare your child for the world. Little things from playing shop or superheroes, to painting and making items on the craft table help children explore the world from their own perceptions. It can lead to them understanding how things work and forming the bonds in the brain to the things that they see around them and learning how to interact with them. Imagination helps foster critical thought as well as igniting passion to understand the world around. Learning that by doing certain activities you can have an outcome, whether it is good or bad, helps children understand the consequence of their actions. It can also foster social bonds. If you walked into a childcare in Marsfield and saw all the kids role playing and acting out their imagination, you will generally see children interacting and speaking with each other, building bonds with the other children in the centre. By putting too much structure into activities, not letting kids paint outside the lines or trying to put a limit on their imagination, it can do some damage to their development. At Imaginations child care in Marsfield centre, we want children to use their imagination, but we also provide a safe and inclusive environment for all. That way children are able to still broaden their perspectives, learning about the world in a way that does not impact their safety and preparing them for navigating the world when they are older.

Activities to Spark Imagination

How many times have we seen kids get an expensive toy and spend more time playing with the box? This shows that imagination is one of the best tools in a child’s inventory and if left with only a few simple things, many children can amuse themselves for hours. That is why the simplest activities are often the best ones. Coming up with songs, telling stories, playing pretend- all of these involve imagination, along with building blocks and other toys that encourage creativity and let little ones make their own rules. This is the approach that we take at our Imaginations Marsfield childcare centre, an approach that facilitates imagination amongst our students. We want our students to build their own identity and learn about the world at their own pace, by providing space and activities for them to learn and grow with each other in a supervised environment. Learning through play has shown to be a beneficial tool for little ones, to give them the best start in life so if you are looking for a childcare in Marsfield that will help foster your child’s unique personality and give them the necessary tools to take with them into higher education, then our Marsfield childcare centre is the right place for you.

Engaging in Play

Teaching young children the nature of play is a fun thing for our educators to do at Marsfield childcare centre. They say that play is essential for children to learn and develop with socialising and psycho-motor skills. Fostering development, our educators are dedicated to helping children learn through play. It can be conducive for cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children and they engage with the world around them. Free playtime is important and not rushing the children to pick up necessary skills. Letting them learn and develop in their own unique way is the effective way to have children engage with play and their surroundings. Rushing the children can be detrimental to their health and development therefore allowing free play stimulates them cognitively and socially. At Imaginations Preschool, our Marsfield childcare centre is renowned for allowing free playtime. Our team has your child’s best interests at heart and we want your child to thrive in engaging in play at our child care Marsfield centre. Children stimulate their imagination when engaged in play and our educators truly value the uniqueness of every child’s imagination. They may engage in role play such as performing in adult roles, conquering fears through play and learning new skills. The independence of play is also important as is the social aspect of playing with other children. They can learn how to adapt independently as well as learning how best to interact on a social level. Our child care Marsfield centre is equipped with items for engaging in play and we are well-versed in facilitating children’s play.

Learning Through Play

We strongly value learning and development through engaging in play at our Marsfield child care centre. Beyond worksheets and screen time with technological devices, children can engage in live play and take on the roles they wish to. Getting physical with the world around them fosters healthy habits and creates a productive relationship with being active and healthy and with the outside. Children learn new things about their surroundings through play, about the physical world and about what their imagination lets them be free to explore. They figure out the impact on oneself and others by the choices they make in play and playtime is a natural stress-reliever. Children can road test ideas and connect experiences together as well as engage in socialising. The social aspect of play is highly-important as children learn mannerisms, appropriate behaviour and development for self-control. They figure out what lends itself to positive or negative reactions from others and the educators are here to help facilitate play. We at your local childcare in Marsfield centre foster playtime as a time for imaginations to run wild and for creative exploration in a safe and secure environment where the safety of the children is of utmost importance to us.

Trust The Word of Our Clientele

At your local childcare in Marsfield centre, Imaginations Pre-School, we strongly-value the word of our clientele. Rather than just take our word for it, you can read about some of the experiences our clientele have had with our Marsfield childcare centre. Justyna Licentia says ‘fantastic educators, really good management, lots of activities. My son is very happy at Imaginations’. Another testament to our quality educators and service is from Mari-Liis Brough who reviewed us with ‘I could not ask for better care for my daughter. The Imagination family is fantastic!’ We at Imaginations Preschool go above and beyond to offer our clientele an exceptional service and our team of educators are friendly and qualified as well as happy to greet you with a smile and say hello. Another testament to our friendly service is from Patrick Mitrega who says ‘my younger sister always comes home raving about how much fun she had at this place, and when I pick her up the staff are always super friendly!’ For quality childcare in Marsfield, Imaginations Preschool is the childcare centre to seek.

Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is part and parcel of activities at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield childcare centre. It’s one of the five senses to explore and children often learn through visual aids. Visual perception involves sensory processing through the sense of sight and interpreting and responding to visual stimuli is an essential way in which children learn and grow. It is the brain’s capacity to interpret what children’s eyes see but it doesn’t mean 20/20 vision. It’s more about responding to visual stimuli in a manner befitting visual perception. Vibrant colours offers a sensory experience for children especially with toys and craft activities enhancing their ability to process visual stimulation. Visual perception is crucial for reading and writing and sourcing things in the external environment. Visual attention refers to the capacity to filter out the irrelevant information and hone in on the visual stimuli. Visual discrimination refers to the ability to assess the similarities and differences of items in sight. As a Marsfield childcare centre, we strongly-value visual stimulation as part of our program of activities for children. Particular toys and games enhances visual stimulation and perception and can assist in visual memory for recalling attributes of objects and items. Drawing pictures is a fantastic way to aid visual perception and building blocks are great for visual perception as well. There are ways to improve visual perception abilities such as colour coding, directional arrows, outlining boundaries and breaking activities into smaller steps with visual stimuli. With visual discrimination children will eliminate distractions within sight and identify key similarities and differences. As your local childcare Marsfield centre, Imaginations Pre-School has a team of educators who are passionate about letting children grow and develop with visual stimulation and perception through learning and play activities.

The Benefits of an Early Learning Centre

There is a plethora of benefits to children attending early learning centres such as our Marsfield childcare centre. Our suitably-qualified educators value children’s growth and development and we enhance learning and growth through effective activities. Our Marsfield childcare centre is an extension of home with educators who are passionate about educating your little one. By enrolling your beloved little one into our Marsfield childcare centre you are exposing them to learning activities that fosters cognitive development, play time creativity and socialisation not to mention engagement with adults and letting the imagination run free. We seek to foster interpersonal skills within your child so that they have the best opportunity to socialise and gain skills for interaction with other children. This is important in preparing them for school where they will make friends with other children and engage in social play time activities. Through encouragement, inspiration and motivation, our educators gentle guide children in various activities which aids their learning and development and this can be an extension of learning at home. Our team strongly-values mental, physical and social stimulation as well as emotional health and wellbeing so you can be confident in our ability to cater for your child’s needs. We ensure that each and every child is well taken care of and safe and secure within our environment. We embrace diversity and inclusivity so children are exposed to different cultures and nationalities and therefore grow with cultural awareness. The benefits of an early learning centre such as our Marsfield childcare centre are seemingly endless with a professional and friendly team of educators who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the happiness and fulfilment of the children. We love nothing more than smiling happy faces of the children in our care.

Valuing Uniqueness

Our team of qualified educators understand and value uniqueness of every child and their individual learning styles and abilities. We foster growth and development through learning and play time activities and value the uniqueness of creativity which children engage with and develop. We motivate children to seek and explore and engage with their senses and learning styles to learn and develop key skills. We are often amazed at what children come up with in learning and play activities and we truly believe in children experiencing the world around them in their own unique way. Every child is different and has varying abilities for learning and development and we value this and engage with the children in an effective manner befitting their individual needs. For a Marsfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School is the centre to choose for childcare and early learning and we go above and beyond to assist the children with their unique way of interacting with the environment.

Our Curriculum

Make Imaginations Pre-School your choice for childcare and day care in Marsfield. Our centre and staff are committed to provide the very best care and early childhood development for children aged zero to six years old. We are a fully licensed Marsfield childcare centre by the Department of Education and Communities, with continued monitoring and regular licensing inspections. Emphasis is on providing the standard of care and an effective physical environment on an ongoing basis. We are a provider of state approved childcare in Marsfield. We foster a warm and innovative learning environment for children to develop critical team-oriented skills and accommodate individual progress and styles of learning. At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we are the local Marsfield childcare centre and we truly value our local community of families that come together to drop their children off into our care. We embrace diversity in activities for learning and development and playtime driving interpersonal skills and creativity as well as mental stimulation with puzzles and games. Developing fine motor skills is important like drawing, building blocks and other items while driving cognitive development is also learning words, numbers, letters and colours. Problem-solving activities is a big plus for enhancing cognitive function and games and puzzles are strongly encouraged to assist with this. Whether children are indoors or outdoors, there are always activities for them to enjoy doing.

Choosing a Marsfield Childcare Centre

For many parents, finding the right childcare centre stirs up a range of emotions. After all, you are leaving the most precious person in your life in the hands of a stranger. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our Marsfield childcare offers a special place that nurtures and enhances the development of children. We create an environment for learning, development and growth through play and socialisation with others. It is a home away from home so picking the right childcare service forms an important part of parents’ lives. Determining the type of childcare that you are looking for is an important step. The type of care may differ depending on your overall objective. For example, if you are looking for someone to look after your child for hour or two whilst you run errands, a long day care service may not be the appropriate choice, family, friends, babysitter or perhaps an occasional care centre may be the best option. On the other hand, if you are looking to provide early education, then a long day care may be a better option. We also recommend families to take centre tours. Visiting an early learning centre is the best way to meet our centre directors and key educators, check out our daily routines and our facilities and indoor and outdoor experiences offered. You’re welcome to book a tour for our Marsfield childcare centre and our centre Director will be very pleased to give you a tour. Childcare costs can take a big portion of household expendable income so it is no surprise that careful consideration of the costs is needed. Lower fee isn’t always the cheapest, nor is the most expensive always the best. So, you should balance the fee for the service the childcare centre delivers. It may seem like it’s simple and straightforward but cleanliness can play an important part in choosing the right childcare centre. Ultimately trust your gut feeling. It doesn’t matter how amazing the centre is or how great the staff are, or if they have availabilities or the cost is low. Trust your instinct, and if your gut tells you to keep looking, then do just that.

Preparation for School

It’s only natural that one day your child is going to outgrow childcare and early learning and so our Marsfield Heights childcare centre, Imaginations aims to prepare each child for their future school years to the optimum of each capacity. We don’t place too much pressure on them thus we gently guide them through learning. We help them by applying new skills so that they may have a pocket of resources for when they begin to attend primary school. Some children will develop quicker than others, rapidly absorbing information and skills and be well-prepared for school but this does not mean that their emotional state is also ready for school years. Our educators at Marsfield childcare centre understand this and hence offer an all-encompassing strategy to help the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all children regardless of the level of their skills. While some children may progress at a slower rate, they still have enormous opportunities to gain skills and achieve successful outcomes during their school years. Lifelong attitudes are often established within the early years and cognitive development years of childhood so our educators encourage positive and productive attitudes towards educators, towards the children themselves, with the other children and with the activities.

Capturing The Imagination

The imagination is a powerful thing and one of the most important aspects of a child learning and growing in their own unique way. Whether it is through learning activities or play-time activities, children engage with their imagination to let it roam free to create craft, formations, rhythm and the exchange of ideas. As your Marsfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School educators embrace diversity and the richness of children’s imaginations; it’s in our name after all. Imagination aids children to perceive and ascertain things about their world around them and engaging in imaginative play is an effective way of dialling into the imagination. Expression of oneself verbally and physically is important for children and imagination allows them to engage with various roles in role-playing games and scenarios, often modelled on their reality around them. Role play activities permits a child to push boundaries in a safe and controlled manner if you help facilitate or monitor the role play by ensuring it is in a safe environment. Letting the imagination roam free is important but so is permitting this in a safe manner in a supportive environment like our Marsfield childcare centre. Encouraging imaginative play often involves the provision of props such as puppets, dolls house and dolls or arts and craft materials. Motivating children to engage in a creative manner with props or activities fosters the roaming of the imagination and even making up stories and providing story-telling opportunities helps the imagination flow. Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield aids children to engage in imaginative play, games and puzzles, problem-solving and cognitive development through various activities. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to the imagination so at our Marsfield childcare centre we allow children to activate their imagination and we encourage families to do the same at home. We feel that we are like an extension of the home so we endeavour to help all children grow and develop as unique individuals.

The Five Senses For Learning And Development

Engaging the five senses is an important attribute of learning and development within children and our Marsfield childcare centre provides opportunities for children to explore their senses. Sight allows children to visually perceive their surrounding environment, sound enhances auditory stimulation and perception, touch enables children to understand objects and formations and recognise these by feel, smell can incite a pleasurable experience with what the nose can sense and taste fosters engagement with different flavours of food. To drive visual perception and understanding of the sight sense, you can model positive expressions and our educators are highly-adept at this and this can motivate children. Utilising colour schemes and patterns or different colours for coding is another way to promote learning with sight. Similarly to positive expressions, using a positive tone of voice is important for children to hear and enhances their ability to comprehend when they have engaged in positive behaviour. It also fosters participation and enhances self-confidence and esteem. Music is a natural winner for auditory stimulation and there is a connection between music and cognitive abilities. Sensing temperature through touch is important for children such as recognising ice compared with heat packs and further development of the touch sense can be achieved through sensory toys and finger painting. Said to be the strongest sense, smell can either promote distaste or pleasure for something and having lavender, rosemary or peppermint smells within the classroom can be fruitful for the sense of smell. Lavender is known for its calmative properties, rosemary for reducing mental fatigue and peppermint drives energy levels. Providing children with various food items for morning tea and/or lunch is important for getting them acquainted with various taste/flavours and at home it is a good idea to make food together. Meanwhile at our Marsfield childcare centre, we foster enhancement of the five senses through positive sensations.

Stimulating Games For The Five Senses In Young Children

It is highly important to stimulate the five senses within young children very early on so that they may grow with understanding the world around them through their senses. For sight activities, matching games with pictures is an effective way to engage visual senses as well as exploring colours. A traffic light game is a good way to engage sight and comprehension of what green and red mean if you have a green card and a red card and have the children walk around in a circle watching to see when you hold up the red card for stop. “Simon Says” and musical chairs are two fabulous ways to engage the sense of sound as well as getting children to follow song and rhythm. Playing in sand and mixing dirt and water are two ways to stimulate the touch sense and playing with sensory toys and objects are great for children understanding what certain objects feel like. Activating the sense of smell can involve spraying certain scents in the air within the classroom, playing with scented bubbles and having jars with different scents such as candles is an effective way of engaging the sense of smell. With taste, children can often be rather fussy but if you engage them in a taste test of different ingredients such as lemon, honey and salt, children can identify the sour, sweet and salty taste of each respectively. Having food from other cultures can expand the tastebuds which is good for healthy eating of a variety of food. Our Marsfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School understands the importance of stimulating the five senses and engaging children in activities which aid development of each sense.

Quality State Approved Child Care Centre

As a state approved childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is licensed by the Australian’s Children Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and additionally, licensed by the New South Wales Department of Education. We deliver incredible quality care for your child and treat each child with respect and celebrate their uniqueness. Our educators are highly-qualified and trained to embrace learning and development with your child’s best interests at heart and we have a curriculum of activities which aids in your child’s development of skills and knowledge. We prepare children for further education in primary school and build a wonderful foundation block for your child to bounce off into school. Given that school is structured with a routine, we engage in structured activities and routine on a daily basis so that the children are prepared with scheduling of a day. This includes learning activities and play time which is important for developing effective interpersonal skills and socialising. It also builds rapport with other children and the educators and engages the children in mental stimulation. Cognitive skills are developed through conducive learning activities and games and puzzles which inspire critical thinking skills and creativity which is important for children as they grow. We teach basic literacy and numeracy so that they have skills for further education and to articulate themselves in the best way possible. As a quality state approved child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield goes above and beyond to assist your child in outstanding growth and development.

How To Prepare Your Child For School

You might wonder what happens after your child attends a state school approved child care centre such as Imaginations: are they prepared for school in literacy and numeracy? Do they have the understanding of routine and scheduling? Are they equipped with social skills to interact with peers and make friends? There are optimum ways to prepare your child for school. If your child is nearing the time for attending school, going to a school orientation session is a good idea as you can gain an idea of the school environment and their values and your child can see the school and liaise with staff. Arranging play dates with other children who will be attending the same primary school as your child is a conducive idea as it helps them sustain friendships and they will already have friends when they attend school. It also further builds upon socialising skills and interpersonal communication. Discussing with your child about school as a positive and rewarding experience is important to prepare your child for primary school. The educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield will engage your child in effective learning strategies which will help them and talk with them about what types of activities they may experience during primary school. As a state approved child care centre, we value each and every child’s experience of learning and socialising and prepare them for school in an optimum manner. Imaginations engages with parents to report on your child’s progress and will monitor the responses they have to discussion about school; it is wise for you as a parent or caregiver to do the same and alleviate anxiety about attending school. Some children may experience learning difficulties or challenging behaviour and is integral to manage these before attending primary school. Positive reinforcement for positive behaviour is important and explanation of why certain behaviours are not conducive is also integral. Learning difficulties can be managed by careful assessment of requirements and ability of the child to apply themselves to learning activities and educators will help them to reach their optimum potential.

Why Is It Important To Attend A State Approved Child Care Centre?

The reason behind attending a state approved child care centre is to help develop your child’s learning techniques, knowledge and skills growth and development of interpersonal communication and articulation of language. Teaching them to take care of things such as play items with care and attention is important as they need to learn how to manage taking care of things as they grow older. Educators at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield can also teach your child self-calming and self-regulating strategies especially for anxious children; validation is key and learning how to self-validate the child’s emotions is integral to development. Attending our state approved child care centre is crucial for your child’s growth and development and we are committed to enabling them to grow in their own unique way and at their own pace.