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Committed to providing the very best of care
and early childhood development

About Us

At Imaginations Pre-School, all children and families becomes part of our community as they walk through our door.

We believe strongly in providing high quality early childhood education and care through our centre, to help to make a positive difference in your child’s early childhood learning experiences.

Imaginations Pre-School is a private child care centre, owned and managed as a family business. We are committed to providing the very best of care and early childhood development for children aged TWO to FIVE years.

We are fully licensed by Australian’s Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority(ACECQA) and NSW Department of Education and with continued monitoring and regular licensing inspections emphasis is given to the standard of care and the physical environment on an on-going basis. Our license is for a maximum of 28 children in attendance per day.

We are an approved centre where parents will be eligible to applied for Child Care Subsidies (CCS) from Family Assistance Office/ Centrelink. We also proudly working in partnership with local support group such as KU Children’s Services, Gowrie NSW and Benevolent Society NSW.

Our staff are highly dedicated in providing an excellent quality of education and care. Staff members are well qualified, multi-skilled,enthusiastic and motivated, working together as a team in the teaching and learning process. The value of family is most evident as staff members are from the same family unit and place great emphasis in making the transition from home to Pre-School very smooth by providing a very welcoming and comfortable family/home-like atmosphere. This will make it a smooth and positive transition for parents to happily leave their child in our care.

The Pre-School operates Monday to Friday for 50 weeks throughout the year.
Operation hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Attendance Days
The children are aged from two to five years and divided into THREE classes. All classes run each day. Set attendance days are as follows:

  • Starlighters- Two to Three Years Olds Class
  • Sunlighters- Three to Four Year Olds Class
  • Moonlighters- Four to Five Year Olds Class
    (Turning four before 31st July of enrolled year.)

Combination Group Days

  • One Day Attendance:
    • Wednesday Only
  • Two Days Attendance:
    • Monday & Tuesday
    • Thursday & Friday
  • Three Days Attendance:
    • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Four Days Attendance:
    • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, Friday
  • Five Days Attendance:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday