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Moonlighter Room

Getting your child ready for the big school

In our Moonlighter’s room, a good balance of play based learning and academic learning is offered to assist with your child’s school readiness preparation.

Our school readiness curriculum will not only be focusing on building your child’s confidence in literacy and numeracy skills, but also on building your child’s resilience and emotional confidence.

We also incorporate structure, routine and good school habits into our daily routine to had better prepare your child in their lifelong learning experiences.

A wide range of media, technologies, and resources is utilised by our highly experienced and qualified educators in the school readiness curriculum.

Your child will be provided with the opportunity to shine bright and become confidence and independent individuals in all areas of development in preparation for their lifelong learning to Kindergarten and into the world beyond.

Your child will also have the opportunity to learn a second language such as Italian, Mandarin and French in our Moonlighter’s room.