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Childcare in Eastwood – Helping children adjust

How to make a smooth transition from home care to pre-school

For many parents out there, they will be in the process of making the transition from home care to childcare in Eastwood. There can be many reasons for this, but mostly because parents want to ensure that their young ones are fully prepared to attend primary when the time comes. Furthermore, parents will usually understand that childcare in Eastwood can be important for development and can also teach a young one to socialise and share. It can help them become more confident in themselves, and it can give them an idea of what things are going to like when working under a teacher’s instructions. On top of all of this, their learning style can be identified which can then be improved upon and developed further. All in all, childcare in Eastwood can not only be vital for learning but can also be really good fun for children and carers alike. For all of these reasons and more, there will come a time where parents will need to look into childcare in Eastwood. While leaving a young one in the hands of another adult is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a difficult time for a lot of parents out there. Some kids can become quite distraught when they first attend care and this can make mums and dads feel like they are doing the wrong thing or can make them feel extremely guilty. Thankfully, parents are not alone in this and there is plenty of support out there. What’s more is that there are easy and simple steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth transition from home care to pre-school. As childcare in Eastwood can be so beneficial, here are some of those tips to hopefully make the lives of parents a little easier.

Take your kid to the pre-school before their first day

It is always encouraged to take a young one to the centre before their first day. This way they can become acclimatised to the new environment while still feeling safe with their guardian by their side. Furthermore, they can meet some of the other kids and they can also get to know their new carers. Most places will reiterate that they are not looking to completely take over from the parent as they understand that parents are the primary teachers and influencers on any child’s life. This means that working together is the most important thing and this will also make a young one feel much more comfortable on their first day. It can also be handy for parents to discuss with the centre what their curriculum is like. This means that they can work with their child at home to get ready for the sorts of activities that they may be participating in e.g. throwing a ball back and forth, reading a book out loud, colouring in, or working on a puzzle. It can further be wise to encourage independence at home leading up to their first day. For example, allowing them to dress themselves, choose what lunches they would like to have, feeding themselves and taking themselves to the toilet. While, of course, carers are always there to help a young one with these things if they need help, practicing independence can often make the transition a little smoother.

Keep things light and positive

More often than not, it is actually the parents that feel more distressed about taking their kid to childcare in Eastwood than the child does. Kids will always notice this distress and this is when they can start to worry themselves. This means that it is always important to keep things light and positive when talking about their first day. Some parents will even have a celebratory breakfast to make their first day extra special. What’s more, it is important to always keep a farewell short and sweet. All mums or dads need to do is give their young one a quick kiss and a cuddle and then be on their way. When parents linger and keep giving them more hugs or popping their head back in the window, this is often what will cause a child to become upset. More often than not, kids are completely fine as soon as their parents are out of sight. All in all, there are so many different benefits to childcare in Eastwood so it is important to look into things that will ensure that kids find the transition a little easier.