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Tips on How to Interview a Eastwood Childcare Teacher

Every year we welcome many excited parents and their children who have enrolled in our Eastwood Early Childhood Center. Our Preschool has continued to lead a trailblazing path because we use excellent educational approaches for early learners.

For many parents, sending their children to preschool is a first-time experience. This is why we encourage interaction with the teachers. To help you have insightful interviews with our preschool teachers, we have written a couple of tips in this post.

Talking with the teachers gives parents confidence about the preschool educational experience we offer. Staff at our Eastwood childcare centre are professional and open to having that discussion with you.
Here are our top tips for having an interview with one of us at the preschool;

Ask about Certification

First, you want to be sure that, at our Eastwood childcare centre, your child is taught by certified professionals. Find out the certifications obtained by teachers who will be in charge of your child at the preschool.

The admin team at Eastwood ensures all teachers have the appropriate certifications before employment. So, we are confident you will be happy with what you discover.

Ask about the Eastwood Childcare Experience

You should also be curious to know if the kids at our Eastwood early childhood centre have a good time. The teachers will have evidence, based on performance assessments and professional observations, to describe the overall Eastwood preschool experience to you.

Discuss any Concerns Related to your Child in Particular

During this discussion, you should highlight anything that makes you worried about sending your child to preschool. We can assure you all our students receive the best of care under our watch.
Special conditions are noted, and the correct measures are implemented to help your child enjoy the learning experience at our Eastwood Early Childhood Centre.

Find out the Standard Student Population Per Class

No parent wants their child to be in an overcrowded class. We are sure you will be happy with our standard student population in the class we place your child in.

Talk about Assessment Methods

You should also know about the methods used to assess and monitor learning progress for the students. We use a range of professional assessment methods proven to work excellently.
Students who need extra educational support are identified and patiently assisted in ensuring no one is left behind. All students meet the learning milestones set by the school.

Inquire about Potty Training Assistance

We encourage parents to attempt potty training from home, and we do the best we can. The teacher will explain the efforts implemented to help students use the toilets independently.

Health and Safety Standards at the Preschool

We are happy to inform all parents that our Eastwood Early Childhood Centre has the best health and safety standards. We ensure that our students and teachers have the best environment to learn and work, respectively.

We are always happy to provide more answers for you. Contact us today; let’s talk about all Imaginations Eastwood has to offer your child.