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Seeking A Marsfield Child Care Centre?

You will find Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield as your local Marsfield child care centre and our educators and team of staff are exceptional and passionate about what they do. We embrace diversity and inclusivity and love nothing more than to enhance the quality of life of early childhood years through empowerment and letting the imagination run free. Our learning activities are based on learning and applying new knowledge and skills while also engaging with the imagination and creativity; we love the spirit of children when they become engrossed in what they are doing whether it is constructing blocks, solving puzzles, engaging in music and melodies or interacting with other children. There is probably nothing better than the smile on the face of a child who is happy and gleeful in what they are doing especially when they get to finger painting and crafts. Our Marsfield child care centre offer the local community a chance to help children grow and develop to reach their optimum potential and we engage with them in an effective manner with positive reinforcement, motivation and encouragement. Our core values are for the child’s welfare and we engage in best practice to ensure the safety and overall wellbeing of all of the children in our care.

Quality Accredited Marsfield Child Care Centre

Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is a quality, accredited child care centre licensed by the Australian’s Children Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the Department of Education in New South Wales. Ensuring that we only recruit the best educators and staff who are highly-dedicated and passionate about looking after children and we deliver incredible care with attentiveness and encouragement. We actively support children to be the best they can be, to embrace their individuality and to seek and explore new knowledge and skills. As a foundation block for future education, our Marsfield child care centre offers children the experience of learning in a group environment preparing them for school classrooms and we structure the day with routine including play-time activities. Our educators foster strong rapport with the children to engage with them in a manner that promotes healthy self-esteem, empowerment and self-management. Cognitive development is highly-integral to our program and curriculum and we thrive on providing diverse learning activities for development which sees children gain skills and be able to apply these in everyday life including at home. We teach basic literacy and numeracy skills and we will always endeavour to promote new literacy gains such as expanding vocabulary and applying numerical skills within activities.

Attributes Of Marsfield Child Care Centre: Imaginations Pre-School

Aside from highly-valuing communication with families such as parents and caregivers and between our educators and staff, we collaborate together to drive optimal outcomes for children. A positive and productive space is integral for children to learn and develop in their own unique way and we are innovative and celebrate creativity to try and expand the children’s imagination. Educators invest quality time in enhancing concept attainment within children’s cognitive functions, sensory and motor dexterity, mental and emotional wellbeing and improving self-esteem and interpersonal skills. We believe that learning activities allow children to engage with one another constructively to achieve outcomes and be proud of what they can achieve as well as engage in healthy team-building exercises. Play-time is important as it allows children to explore different physical aspects and explore nature and objects while also interacting with other children and learning the best way to interact and achieve positive relationships. As a premium-quality Marsfield child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield offers your child the opportunity to truly grow and develop and prepare them for their future in cognitive abilities, physical attributes and health, mental stimulation and engagement as well as communication skills.