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Marsfield Childcare – Why you should send your child to Imaginations pre-school


Marsfield Childcare – Why you should send your child to Imaginations pre-school

We all want the absolute best when it comes to our children, and this is especially the case when it comes childcare and early learning. Marsfield childcare centres options are plentiful, but it is important to ensure that the best one is found in order for your child to have the best chance of growing and developing. Here at Imaginations, we believe we have one of the best Marsfield childcare centres and this is for a number of reasons. First of all, we are extremely committed to providing the best of care and early childhood development. This drive means that every aspect of the services that we offer are well thought about and all of our team members are extremely passionate. This can make the world of difference when it comes to care as we will focus on your child individually to ensure that they have fun with learning and feel like our centre is an extension of their home. Furthermore, we understand that education is at the forefront of change, so we strive to participate in and contribute to leadership in early childhood education practices, as well as research. Making a difference when it comes to Marsfield childcare is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to reflect this in the outstanding amenities that we offer.

We are committed to innovation

IMG_7526_editedOne of the best reasons to send your child to our centre here at Imaginations is because we are committed to innovation. We reflect this innovation in all areas including in our philosophies, the curriculum that we provide, as well as our state-of-the-art centre. We place a strong emphasis on diversity in our centre which children are able to take out into the real world with them. This means that children will learn about different cultures, Aboriginal history, and inclusion. When it comes to our curriculum we aim to provide an individualised experience which will nurture each child’s individual talents. This is achieved by providing a mixture of play-based activities and intentional teaching which is based upon a child’s interests. This way they are able to develop their skills in areas that they enjoy, and they are able to gain confidence in themselves. On top of all of this, our centre is carefully thought out with many different interactive areas.  We have designated zones where children can participate in different activities, different rooms created for different age groups, and a fantastic outdoor area where children can receive important sunshine. We aim to push the envelope when it comes to Marsfield childcare, and we believe we are achieving this by carefully curating each and every aspect of the services that we provide.

We are fully licenced, and state approved

In addition to providing a warm and nurturing environment where parents will feel safe leaving their children, we are also fully licensed, and state approved. This means that we are a recognised child care facility and parents will be able to claim government rebates when they send their children to us. This is extremely important for many families as childcare can be a struggle for many and will often cost the same amount as a parent’s wage for that day. Parents can also feel safe knowing that all of our team members are qualified, are trained in first-aid, have a valid and up-to-date working with children’s check, as well as a national police check. We take regulations very seriously here at Imaginations and so we are sure to never cut any corners when it comes to the services that we provide. On top of all of this, we also offer flexible hours ranging from 7am – 6.30pm and we are able to provide care for children ranging from 0-6 years old. We are also open for 52 weeks of the year and are able to take care of up to 76 children at a time.

Why you should send your child to us

In IMG_7549_editedaddition to all of the above reasons mentioned, we really do believe that we offer some of the best care in town. We want to work in partnership with parents to provide excellent care for their children, and we honour each parent as a child’s first teacher. We aim to collaborate rather than take over, and so we encourage parents and families to contribute and participate in our curriculum, programs, and events. All in all, we understand the importance of early learning and so are here to offer the best services that we possibly can.








Childcare in Eastwood

Childcare in Eastwood – What to expect from the best

When it comes to childcare in Eastwood, it is important to only expect the best. But what exactly does “the best” mean? What makes one early learning centre stand-out from the rest? Many parents find themselves asking such questions and for understandable reasons. For many, leaving their children in the hands of someone else is quite an uneasy task. As well as finding professionals that they can trust with their kids, they also want to ensure that their children are getting the best education they possibly can. This means that they will learn necessary academic skills such as reading, writing, and spelling and that they will also learn important social skills such as listening, sharing, and playing well with others. On top of all of this, parents want to find a place where their children will be focused on as individuals and not just sent off to play all the time. All of these things and more are the kind of qualities to look for when trying to find the best childcare in Eastwood. Some further things to expect from great childcare is spending adequate amounts of time outdoors, making learning fun and interactive, as well as accepting all different cultures and religions. To make the hunt a little easier for parents, here is a closer look at what to expect from the best childcare in Eastwood.

You can expect an individualised and interactive experience

When many parents think about early learning, they expect that the same generic thing is taught to every student. This is not the case at the best places, like ourselves here at Imaginations Pre-school in Marsfield. We have an understanding that all children are individual and so an individualised curriculum is the best thing to support and encourage learning. We further implement this by having designated rooms for different age groups and levels. For example, a child getting ready to enter primary school would not need to be learning the same things as say a toddler would. While our teachings revolve around the children, we do offer some of the same concepts across the board. And that is to be interactive with our teachings. We find that kids learn more when they are able to have fun and to apply what they are learning to real life experiences. We want children to feel safe by providing a home-feeling environment where our students can gain independence and confidence through our daily activities. Our individualised and interactive experiences are what make our childcare service so boutique and are what make us stand out from the rest.

You can expect a state-of-the-art centre

Another thing that can be expected from the best childcare facilities in Eastwood is a state-of-the-art centre. Many people think that simply filling a centre with tons of toys is enough to keep children occupied, but we here at Imaginations know that this isn’t always the case. Everything that we include in our centre is designed specifically for our children so that they can play, learn, and grow. Furthermore, we have designated areas which allow kids to easily transition from task to task. For example, we have a nook where they can go to read, a table area where they can colour in and draw, as well as an arts and crafts area. We have spaces where children can sit and play with our great quality toys, as well as an outdoor area with a sandpit and shaded space to play in. With our tree-lined fences, they will never feel like they are missing out on nature time and can truly have the room to act and play like children. In addition to offering state-of-the-art care we are also open from 8am – 6pm from Monday to Friday, and we are open 50 weeks of the year. This means that parents can truly feel safe knowing that they will always have somewhere exceptional to send their children.

As it can be seen, there are many qualities that make childcare in Eastwood stand out from the rest. An individualised and interactive experience is imperative for a child’s growth, as is a state-of-the-art facility. Combining a great curriculum and fantastic equipment with our wonderful staff is what encourages parents to re-enrol their children each year. While the transition from homecare to early learning care is never easy, the choice of where to send children can become easier by simply looking at what a centre has to offer. Chat with one of our friendly team members to find out how to enrol your child today.

child care centres near me

Finding great child care centres near me

When looking for the perfect place to send children, it is important to find somewhere that suits the child and the parents equally. Somewhere that can encourage learning, interactive playing, and can teach important social skills. A place where parents feel safe to leave their kids because they know that they are in good hands. The early stage of life can be the most important as that is where the most development occurs. This means that this development needs to be nurtured as much as possible. Furthermore, a place needs to be found that is close to home and that can fit into parent’s budgets. For all of these reasons and more, many parents out there find themselves asking “where can I find great child care centres near me?” For those who live in the Marsfield, NSW area or the Fairfield, NSW area, they are able to feel safe knowing that we here at Imaginations Pre-School offer a unique approach to child care that is sure to impress children and parents alike. Our respectful and holistic philosophies are what make us stand out from other places and we take pride in our boutique services. Without further ado, here is a further look at our outlook and the kind of approach that we take to child care.

What makes child care centres near me great and not just good?

Here at Imaginations Pre-School, we offer a service that is great and not just good. We achieve this by implementing our values and philosophies into our care programs. For example, we believe it is important to respect the original custodians of this land and encourage our students to learn more about the Wullemedegal people, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.  Furthermore, we practice inclusion and place emphasis and acknowledgement of different cultures, languages, and ways of living life. In addition to this, we understand that learning occurs in more realistic experiences and so we incorporate learning with real-time play and activities. This will commonly occur outdoors, so children can get to know and enjoy mother nature. For all of these reasons and more, we believe that our approach is great and not just good and that we are adequately helping children grow and prepare for their life as they get older.

What types of things can I expect from the curriculum?

One of the best things about our curriculum is that we work side by side with parents as a collaborative team. We understand that parents are the first teachers and so we want to aid parents, not take over from their role. With three different rooms that focus on different experiences, we have something that will benefit every child. Our first room is the starlighter room that focuses on confidence and building independence. Our second room is the sunlighter room that focusing on exploring and developing learning experiences. Our third room is the moonlighter room which is designed to focus on getting a child ready to head to school. Chatting with one of our friendly team members is the perfect way to establish which room and curriculum is best for each individual child. Whichever room is chosen upon, parents can feel safe knowing that their child’s needs will be met and that their strengths and interests will be identified, and their weaknesses will be improved upon. One of the best parts about the curriculum is that the kids thoroughly enjoy learning which makes the world of difference in their mood and happiness levels.

At the end of the day, parents and children need to decide for themselves if our boutique services are for them. We encourage parents to book a time to visit our centre, so they can get a first-hand idea of what they can expect. We take great pride in our values and philosophies but do also understand that they are not for everyone. For those who want their children to get an interactive learning experience like no other, then Imaginations Preschool is that place for them. As early childhood development between the ages of two and five years old is so crucial, we strive to ensure that the best care is provided possible. We want children to feel prepared instead of scared and overwhelmed when they enter the schooling system, and we know that our unique curriculum and caring team members are able to help with this. For an experience that will see your child or children shine bright, thrive, and have an increase of confidence, look no further than Imaginations Preschool.